AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc.

On August 14, 2002, the The AIDS Foundation of Barbados was set up to address various concerns pertinent to HIV/AIDS on the island of Barbados.


The objectives of the AIDS Foundation of Barbados have been identified as these:

to raise funds, and accept funds by way of donations, sales commissions, royalties, loans, etc., to enable the undertakings of the Foundation;
to educate the public about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment;
to facilitate access to medical services for persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS;
to help provide psychological, spiritual and material support for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS;
to assist in providing needed accommodation for persons with HIV/AIDS;
to help further research into what pertains to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care, and cure;
to cooperate with organisations and individuals having similar objectives.


The Vision of the AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc. is to be the leading NGO in Barbados representing a fully engaged workplace actively contributing to reducing the spread and impact of the AIDS epidemic. 


Mission Statement
Our Mission is to reduce the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS through facilitating implementation of workplace policies and programmes that focus on behaviour change, reducing stigma and discrimination, and creating supportive environments for persons living with HIV/AIDS.



This mission shall be achieved by the conduct of the following activities:

To educate Civil Society about HIV/AIDS prevention as well as its care, treatment and support.
To facilitate access to medical, psychological, spiritual and material support services (including accommodation) for those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.
To help further research into HIV/AIDS prevention as well as its care, treatment and support, in order to objectively identify on an ongoing basis, vulnerable groups and facilitate appropriate targeted campaigns to mitigate the risk and impact against them.
To raise funds and accept donations as a means of self sustainability in terms of long term support for Public Sector (in particular the National HIV/AIDS Commission) research and response initiatives to this epidemic, as well as maintaining the Foundation as an effectively operated institution. The Foundation also recognizes the urgent demand for financial resources to fund programmes by the NHAC, and the deficit in available resources from Government, as well as the International financial institution whose national assistance programme will shortly be concluded, thus exacerbating the challenge for vital financial resources.
To cooperate with Government and other stakeholder Organizations and individuals having similar objectives, and where appropriate, to execute and implement Memoranda of Understanding with Government and other relevant institutions, in order to serve as a secure foundation for long term mutual cooperation.


Goals of the AIDS Foundation of Barbados

1. Business Sector Outreach
The AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc's (AFBI) first goal is to increase the range and quality of business sector AIDS programs through supporting the full implementation of the booklet entitled "AIDS in the Workplace - Guidelines for Managers and Supervisors" document, published by the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Barbados Employers' Confederation, and which was adopted by the Social Partners since 2000 - both in the workplace and in the wider community. The AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc. supports the development of AIDS strategies by individual companies and encourages Government, the national and regional community and the non-governmental sector to partner with the business sector. To help achieve this goal, the AIDS Foundation of Barbados is expanding significantly the number of companies publicly committed to HIV/AIDS, through expanded membership of the Foundation.
2. Increased Action By Business
  In advocating for greater business action on HIV/AIDS, the AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc. believes that Business can respond in three main ways:
Bringing business core strengths of creativity and flexibility to improve the reach and effectiveness of AIDS programs - businesses? marketing, communication distribution and logistics skills are already strengthening the impact of many AIDS programs around the world.
Implementing prevention and care programs and policies for employees and immediate communities - in many countries company programmes will be the only accurate source of accurate HIV information available to employees.
Leadership and Advocacy by business leaders, lobbying for greater action and partnerships with government and civil society.
3. Policy Development and Leadership
  The AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc shall develop two principal programmatic areas of policy leadership and research to identify the positive impact business practice can have in fighting the disease, taking into account existing relevant national research:
Increasing business action in the workplace. The AIDS Foundation of Barbados' strategy shall involve both outreach with business leaders to convince them to act, and the identification of proven and effective interventions to help companies implement their own workplace programs.
Increasing Business Action in the Community. The AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc shall identify and promote the broad range of programmes and partnerships businesses can bring to stem the tide of the AIDS epidemic and highlight company, community and individual examples, by hosting an annual Awards for Business Excellence Dinner, illustrating where business (and labour) has worked in partnership with government and civil society in response to HIV/AIDS and other social issues.
4. Increasing National Business Plan
  A critical aspect of the AIDS Foundation of Barbados' work will be to promote greater business action, by providing technical advice and advocacy support to national business/professional organizations, and through high-profile summits of business, professional, political, labour, media and civil society leaders. Formal partnerships will be developed with leading business associations and HIV related organizations nationally and internationally.
5. Fostering Partnerships With Government and Communities
  The AIDS Foundation of Barbados Inc shall liase with Government, the media, trade unions, civil society, and other stakeholder organizations to promote greater partnerships in the expanded regional and international response to HIV/AIDS, through senior-level contacts, participation in conferences and meetings and specific joint initiatives and in particular, with the National HIV/AIDS Commission, to provide a long term partnership of mutual collaboration and support.
We recognize that ongoing collaboration with HIV/AIDS support groups is an essential partnership that must be fostered.


Further information on the AIDS Foundation of Barbados can be sourced at the following website


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