The Barbados Marine Trust

The Barbados Marine Trust recognises the importance of Barbados' coastline, coral reefs and fishery. They provide much employment through fishing, transportation, tourism & recreation. They also provide an important source of food. Barbados' coastline is central to our culture and history; the sea is part of what makes us Bajans.


Like many areas in the world, however, Barbados' marine areas and coral reefs are not as healthy as they once were. Domestic sewage, pollutants and sediments from farming and construction, and contaminants have seriously damaged our fringing reefs.


Humans have further damaged corals through trampling and breakage. Intense fishing in near shore areas have diminished Barbados' fish stocks.


Removal and in-filling of mangroves stands, such as Holetown Hole or Graeme Hall, have destroyed important nursery areas for fish as these remnant mangroves no longer help trap silt and cycle nutrients, as they are supposed to.


About the Barbados Marine Trust

The Barbados Marine Trust is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting environmentally and socially-sustainable use of the marine areas of Barbados. Its membership includes individuals from many different user groups: fishers, dive-operators, hoteliers, water-sports operators, business people, school children and the community in general.


The Trust wishes to play a major role in assisting the Government of Barbados in the implementation of marine management initiatives, by:

 (1) demonstrating how proper management of our marine resources can result in a healthy and productive marine environment thereby providing a legacy for future generations; and

 (2) protecting our reefs to ensure that our economy, community, and the livelihoods of our people are sustained.


The Trust is in the process of implementing a long-term marine management plan which includes the education of the public and in particular our children, on the importance of and need for a permanent policy to protect the future of our marine resources.


Plans for the Future

The implementation of the Carlisle Bay Pilot Project.
A series of educational programs aimed at our children, community groups, and visitors.
The construction of artificial reefs and use of other measures for fisheries enhancement.
The renewal of existing reef structures.
Development of new marine attractions in approved areas.
Improvement of beach access and amenities for local residents.
Assistance in repairing coastal structures.


Further information on The Barbados Marine Trust, Underwater Barbados, Bay Street, St. Michael can be sourced at the following website or Telephone (246) 228-8071/72.


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