Barbados Marine Reserve & Museum

Barbados Marine Reserve & Museum is better known as Folkestone Marine Park and is located in Holetown, St. James. This museum was established in 1981 with a sole purpose of educating the public of Barbados on the importance of underwater life and what they can do to play their part in the preservation of such. It is also the home of an artificial reef which has been formed as a result of a sunken ship by the name of SS Stavronikita. This ship rests in approximately 120 feet of water and is relatively close to the shore. Based on its close proximity to the shore, it is a marvellous location as it augurs well to both scuba divers and snorkelers who want to take part in the exploration of the many reefs available.


There is also a Folkestone Visitor Centre where an interpretation centre affords the public the opportunity to see some of the marine life that surrounds Barbados.


SS Stavronikita (The Stav)

In 1976, a 365ft Greek freighter was burnt severely off the coast of Barbados. It was towed back to Bridgetown, where it stayed for about 2 years.


In 1978, the Stav was bought over by the Government of Barbados and deliberately sunk just off Fitts Village, St. James for the sole purpose of creating an artificial reef. This artificial reef is now home to a great number of fish and coral alike.


The Stavronikita rests in 120ft of water and is said to be one of the best wreck dives the island has to offer.


Tidbits of Information

The legislation of Barbados, protects all activities in the Underwater Park area for the survival of the marine life there.


It is stipulated by law, that it is illegal to remove any marine objects or sea life including coral.


Any kind of fishing is prohibited in the Marine Reserve.


The bouyed areas have been reserved for usage by both swimmers and snorkelers and as such, it is strongly advised that these areas are used for your safety.

The grounds of the Barbados Marine Reserve & Museum are quite often used as picnic spots and sports facilities.


Further information on the Barbados Marine Reserve & Museum can be sourced by calling (246) 425-1200.


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