Business Club Barbados

Business Club Barbados is an initiative under the Export Barbados target sector of the Legacy Plan for Barbados. This primary networking organisation is responsible for bringing together all of the major business support organisations in the public and private sector in Barbados.


About Business Club Barbados

Business Club Barbados has been created as one of the Legacy initiatives under the Export Barbados target area, to foster international business opportunities around major sporting and other international events and to promote the business image of Barbados.


Hosting World Cup of Golf in December 2006 and ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007, presents unprecedented opportunities for Barbados to gain substantial economic benefits and to use this major sporting event to create positive legacies. As part of the Legacy Strategy, Export Barbados seeks to use these events to forge greater linkages between businesses and business support organisations and to ensure that these Barbadian businesses are suitably informed to be able to take advantages of opportunities presented during the ICC CWC 2007 and thereafter.


Business Club Barbados will not duplicate the functions of any of the participating umbrella organisations, but will be a co-ordinating and supporting partner, which delivers activities aimed at optimising the business, trade and inward investment opportunities resulting from CWC 2007. Business Club Barbados is the official focal point for the dissemination of international business opportunities for Barbadian companies around the ICC Cricket World Cup.


Goals of the Business Club of Barbados

Will communicate and educate in relation to CWC led business, trade and inward investment opportunities, by providing on-line access to a range of opportunities via electronic mail initially, but ultimately through a web-based service.
Will organise a calendar of business events and activities which will aim to inspire, empower and motivate Barbadian businesses with real life examples from successful companies and their entrepreneurs.
Will host other social events at the time of World Cup of Golf, Cricket World Cup 2007 and other key international events which will target visitors to the island.
Will establish a Business Centre during each of the key international events to enable Barbadian companies to showcase their “export-ready” products and services and to facilitate one-to-one meetings with those interested in trading or investing in Barbados.
Will seek to establish linkages with other global Business Clubs or networks in the Caribbean. By establishing a Caribbean-wide network of businesses, businesses in Barbados can build strategic alliances to work collectively in taking advantage of the major international sporting events being held in this region.


Long Term Role of the Business Club of Barbados

Work with government to create an amenable business environment – demonstrating that ‘Barbados is open for business’
Take a long term approach, which focuses on development of contacts, strategic linkages and networks for future trade development and inward investment activity.
Set, and ensure attainment of, consistent quality standards across all business Club branded activities and events, based on best practices of other Business Clubs.
Undertake/ support market research and consultation to ensure that opportunities are optimized.
Address local, regional and international business, trade and inward investment opportunities of varying scales (from small scale local to major international).
Ultimately, work with other regional partners to provide a sustainable regional framework which also supports the objectives of establishing the CSME.


Further information on Business Club Barbados, ℅ Legacy Barbados Inc, Suites 6 & 7 Building #3, Manor Lodge Complex, Lodge Hill, St. Michael, BB12002 can be sourced at the following website Telephone (246) 425-0590, Fax: (246) 417-6544 or Email: .


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