The Barbados Children’s Trust

The Barbados Children’s Trust was established in 1997 out of a need from the many requests coming out of the Barbados community. Members comprised of a number of foreign home-owners and local residents living on the West Coast of Barbados. Their valuable contribution to the society of Barbados was their way of showing the deep appreciation that they feel and have grown to embrace of Barbados.


Fundraising events on behalf of the members have been more than responsible for the great success that has taken place with regards to the their growing funds.


Over the years the Trust has become much more organised and has engaged the help of a local manager to look after its day to day administration. This assistance has allowed them to make the most of the huge amount of wealth available in Barbados from residents and visitors alike, taking funds from the glitzy, glamorous galas of the West Coast to the under-privileged children and their families of the entire island.


Some assistance to the Trust Fund is given through the Ministry of Education in Barbados.


Objectives of The Barbados Children’s Trust

The Trust’s new logo, ‘Helping to Raise a Smile’ was recently launched at the British High Commission by His Excellency Mr John White. It is hoped that the new design will bring added recognition not only for the work already done by the Trust but also help to raise awareness of present and future projects.


Indeed, this appears to have succeeded already, as in 2003 the Trust received a ‘Friend of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Award’ in recognition of the work done to assist them in delivering quality health care.


The Trust understands the impact that the homeowners can have on the island, particularly because of its many wealthy visitors. Many of the events held to raise funds have an international theme, sometimes involving celebrities, or they are sporting activities that can be appreciated by anyone.


The Trust hopes to continue to provide assistance in helping to bring a smile to the faces of children from birth to 16 years of age and to provide for better living and schooling conditions.


Further information on The Barbados Children’s Trust, Leamington House, 4th Ave Belleville, St Michael, Barbados can be sourced at the following website Telephone (246) 423-1309 or Email: .


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