The Barbados Cancer Society

The Barbados Cancer Society was founded on 4th December 1980. Its mission is first and foremost Prevention and, secondly Early Detection, and cure. But if this is not possible, to always mitigate its effects and comfort the victims of this disease.


The Prevention of Cancer

Understanding the factors that cause cancer is the key to successful prevention and early detection increases the likelyhood of successful treatment.


The Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

The mission of the Barbados Cancer Society can be summarised in these words

To prevent and cure whenever possible
To alleviate often
And to comfort always
More specifically, its objectives are
To provide Barbadians with accurate information about cancer
To educate them about the measures they can take to prevent cancer
To help them to detect cancers at their earliest stages when they are curable
To help them make the best use of the medical services
To relieve the pain and suffering caused by cancer
And, finally to provide social emotional support for persons with cancer


During the first 23 years of its existence, the experience of the Barbados Cancer Society has been encouraging. For contrary to the belief strongly held by many persons including doctors, irrational fear of cancer is uncommon.


Most men and women will speak openly about the disease, and if given the knowledge and opportunity, will assume responsibility for the factors in their lives that can prevent and lessen the risk of cancer. Furthermore, they are willing to participate in decisions about priorities for their own health and the health of the community.


The Barbados Cancer Society, therefore, gives the highest priority to two of the most effective methods of treating cancer, namely prevention and early detection, and this is reflected in the clinics it provides for the early detection of cancer. (e.g. Cancers of the Breast, Colon, Cervix, Skin and Prostate) as well as its Tobacco Control Program which has reduced tobacco consumption in Barbados by 50 percent since it was started in 1982.


The information provided by the Barbados Cancer society is scientifically accurate and is based on the thinking and recommendations of scientists working at Cancer Research Institutes in North America and Great Britain, scientists working at the U.S. National Nutrition Institute, and experts of the World Health Organisation. (WHO).


Further information on the Barbados Cancer Society, Henry's Lane, Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados can be sourced at the following website Telephone (246) 436-8888/427-9005, Fax: (246) 429-3227 or Email:


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