FourSquare Rum Factory and Heritage Park

Approaching the Four Square Rum Factory and Heritage Park from the infamous Six Roads roundabout in Barbados you will see the large compound looming in the distance to the left. Once you turn into the entrance your approach is flanked quite fittingly by swaying fields of sugar canes. This distillery is one of Barbados' most environmentally friendly as every bit of waste is used in some way to benefit the factory itself, the grounds or used in other industries.


This facility is much more than a rum factory, it also serves as a heritage park which features various museums and entertainment options for the entire family. Four Square Factory was once a working sugar factory in the 15th century and later a rum refinery in the 17th century. Today this facility pays tribute to the many aspects of Barbadian history around the time when sugar was king. A tour around this amazing place is indeed an interesting and educational experience.


The first intriguing that piece that one encounters is the impressive Cooling Tower to the right as you enter the park. This feature is approximately one hundred years old and was used by the sugar factory to cool the water that circulated through the condensers of the vacuum pans. Today, this unique feature is used to aerate the condensed steam produced by the concentration plant located just adjacent; this process is used to reduce the pollutants that are present in the condensed steam. This is just one of the green practices utilized by this environmentally conscious Barbadian company.


Also located on this compound is a exquisite example of Barbadian architecture and masonry in the form of the Distill House which was constructed using slave labour in 1737 and is made entirely of coral stone. This building is particularly impressive from the interior which is emphasized more by the beautiful exposed wooden beams that make up the ceiling of the building; the Distill House is currently used as a café and art gallery.


This property abounds with impressive metal sculptures which have been crafted using old gears and machine parts from the sugar factory. The awesome size and creativity of some of these pieces is quite striking and begs to be viewed by an appreciative audience. On the same lawn where many of these pieces are displayed is the play area for children where even the playground equipment has been constructed from quite a few recycled parts and scrap from the old sugar factory. The small Ferris wheel is a great example of this ingenuity; it was built by Dr. Lawrence Bannister M.D. who is the proprietor of the Iron Park and Museum Park here in Barbados.


Everything throughout the park is labeled; the machines, the out buildings and even the many lush trees and plants that make up this striking landscape. There is even a large replica of a cricket bat located in front of the main building just in front of the well appointed open air theatre which once served as the sugar cane pit from the 15th century.


As you can well appreciate, Four Square Rum Factory and Heritage Park is quite an experience but first and foremost it is a rum refinery which produces quite a few world renowned rums; these include …

• E.S.A. Field
• Doorlys
• Old Brigand
• FourSquare Spiced Rum and
• Tommy Bahama


Four Square Rum Factory and Heritage Park is owned and operated by R. L. Seale & Co. Ltd. which is a family run business which has been in operation since the 1820's. This place truly embodies the importance of rum to Barbados, its historic significance and its present economic impact on the island.


So whenever you feel like imbibing the 'spirits' of Barbados or just exploring our rich history, venture to the parish of St. Philip, located on the south eastern side of Barbados and while you stroll around this beautiful park sipping an invigorating glass of whatever intrigues you, take the time to immerse yourself in a bit of Barbadian history. The cost of admission for this self guided tour is absolutely free; so come, treat yourself to a picnic or just relax and explore… all are welcomed.




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