Entrance to Iron Gardens, Perry Gap, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Iron Gardens

Art is a concept; the artist's dream may not be the observer's reality as it is really all a matter of interpretation. Some paint still life, create stone-work, others experiment with textiles and yet others take the unexpected and create spectacles of intricacy, of entertainment and all these and more can be considered art.




Fascinating Piece of Iron Art Outside Iron Gardens, Perry Gap, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket GuideIn Barbados, Dr Lance Bannister, who is a medical doctor by profession has found time to explore his inner creative self and developed an unusual art form using steel and other metal parts, usually from out of cars which have been abandoned and are unused. Indeed outside of simply conceptualizing the items and making them, he has established a sort of theme park. A probable delight for any science buff or imaginative child, Dr Bannister's "Iron Gardens" is located in Perry Gap, St. Michael, a road adjacent to the Insurance Corporation of Barbados on Roebuck Street.


At the entrance of the property, there is legible signage confirming that this is the correct location. From the gate, a life-size white skeleton made of scrap metal is seen. There is a ferris-wheel and other originally made rides that can actually be used and enjoyed by children under the very watchful eyes of their parents or guardians. The park is set in a garden and the majority of these sculptures which have incorporated the majority of parts from cars are large and really fascinating to look at.


Through this effort and labour of love and recycling, it is clear that Dr Bannister has made his contribution to safe-guarding the environment of his native Barbados. Entrance fee to the Gardens is Barbados $5.00 for adults and $2.00 for children. Don't miss this exceptional experience!!




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