Tyrol Cot House & Heritage Village

In the parish of St. Michael, on Codrington Hill, just a stone's throw away from the Barbados National Stadium, there is property known to the public as Tyrol Cot. Built towards the end of the 19th century in 1854, it was the home of the first Premier of Barbados, Sir Grantley Adams, a local politician and activist., his son, J.M.G.M 'Tom' Adams, the second Prime Minister of Barbados was born at this said location. 




Despite the fact that they are both long deceased, their individual collections are well documented and reported in various circles. It is primarily for these two reasons that this house was considered a prime property to fall under the auspices of the Barbados National Trust for its value and potential for enhancing heritage awareness.


Today, the four (4) acre property has been transformed into a village setting, reminiscent of former days in Barbados. The main house has been maintained almost to perfection and its layout chronicles the lives, time and works of the two gentlemen, despite the gap in their histories. It stands out with its long, paved driveway, hooded windows and Palladian style architecture, statues and palm trees on the lawn. Inside, there are pictures, authentic mahogany furniture, bookcases with rows of books; many items which bring alive the personalities, characteristics and taste of Sir Grantley, his wife and family.


Around the grounds, there is an authentic replica of an old slave hut: minimum contents. Also, a blacksmith shop (tools and all) and a Bajan rum shop, which provides a casual setting to enjoy local fare such as fishcakes, rum and sandwiches.


In more recent times, the Tyrol Cot heritage site is sometimes selected as a venue for events such as story-telling, Crop-over and other cultural events.


Opening hours are Mondays thru Saturdays from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.




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