Fairfield Pottery

The creation of art through whichever medium is usually a very powerful experience for the artist, with this same power being experienced or expressed differently from the perspective of the art lover or collector. The Bell family in Barbados appears to have nourished that love as for three generations they have been creating works of art to delight the public. Their place: Fairfield Pottery and Gallery which is located at Fairfield House, Fairfield Road, in the parish of St. Michael.




Using mostly local materials, the studio, which is not vast by any means, is a place of creativity, where now propelled by the eldest daughter in the family, items are beautifully and lovingly designed, touched and honed to perfection. Likely driven by responses to certain pieces over the years and matching this with the need to feed innovativeness, the pieces are a happy blend of traditional and contemporary design and approach. Every piece is individually painted, which increases the value of the item, not just in terms of monetary cost, but the emotional outlay required to do that each and every time.


Unique and beautiful pieces are created out of glass, ceramic and porcelain. The studio and gallery contain finished products of bowls, vases, jars, dinnerware and plant pots just to name a few. They are also commissioned to do work by some private persons and companies througout Barbados.


It is possible to have a tour of the Fairfield Pottery operation and studio and the items on display are definitely available for purchase. Opening hours are Mondays through Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but do call first if you are interested in a tour.




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