The Lazaretto

The name "Lazar" means "a person who has a somewhat repulsive disease like the biblical beggar Lazarus". The Lazaretto as we know it today, is home to a number of organizations but this Black Rock, St. Michael facility was once the home of a sanitarium for victims of Hansen's disease - leprosy.




It was built during the 1850s but extension of the then sanitarium took place in 1909 and at one point in time was able to house over six hundred (600) patients. The Lazaretto had its own cemetery which was located quite close to the neighbouring Batts Rock Beach.


A trip to the Lazaretto is certainly worth your while as one will encounter well manicured gardens with a variety of tropical tress and flowers. There's also a waterfall destined to capture your attention as a constant flow of water cascades down the rock's face.


While you are there, feel free to sit and eat or have a chat as there are plenty benches available for your relaxation.


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