Ilaro Court

Ilaro Court on Two Mile Hill, St. Michael Barbados was the brainchild and creation of Lady Gilbert Carter, whose husband was Governor of Barbados between the years 1904 and 1911. A lady of aristocratic breeding, she had spent her years before getting married travelling and studying the arts. The conceptualization of the building and grounds can be credited to her. Following completion of the design in 1919, it was constructed in the 1920s, with its name adopted after the state of Ilaro in Nigeria where her husband was based before moving to Barbados.




Ilaro Court is palatial in appearance with its white-washed walls and strong architectural lines. The property was dormant for an extended period of time until the year 1976, when the Barbados Government purchased it with the intention of designing and introducing an Arts Centre. This did not materialize, rather it was determined that it would be a suitable location for the official residence of the Prime Minister of Barbados, which was previously in Culloden Road, St. Michael.


The grounds are exquisite and were master-minded by the National Conservation Committee, who were given the task of producing and designing gardens in keeping with the landscape of the property and its overall purpose. It is largely felt that that mandate was met as up to current day, the grounds of Ilaro Court resemble a tropical park of vast proportions.


Ilaro Court was officially opened on November 30, 1980, Independence Day in Barbados. As it is a state residence, it is not easily accessible to the public except by invitation or other public events. Over the years, permission has been sought and granted for fund-raising activities, children's parties. One such standing event of the calendar is the Barbados Rotary's Carols by Candlelight, an annual fundraiser held on the grounds.




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