Harry Bayley Observatory, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Harry Bayley Observatory

In the midst of the Clapham residential area in the parish of St. Michael, Barbados there is an unusual "resident": The Harry Bayley Observatory. This observatory named after Dr. Harry Bayley, an esteemed medical doctor, who also possessed a keen interest in photography and astronomy.





Dr. Bayley founded the local astronomical society, the Barbados Astronomical Society in 1956. There was a keen level of interest in this aspect of study and two years later in 1958, a drive was started agitating, however slightly for the introduction of an observatory to the island of Barbados.


And so the observatory was built and dedicated to his memory in 1963 and remains the only such in the Caribbean. The highpoint of any visit to this local gem is the view through the 14" telescope which puts everything into perspective. Through it, one can have clear line of sight to see the moon, plans and it is reported that due to Barbados' geographic location, it is possible to see objects which might normally be viewed from other parts of the world.


The Harry Bayley Observatory is normally opened on Fridays from 8:30pm to 11:30pm. It is truly a sight for star-gazers. Make it a must! Call them at (246) 426-1317.



Though the observatory is closed, there are plans for a re-opening that's scheduled on February 8th, 2014.

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