Banks Barbados Breweries, Wildey, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Banks Barbados Breweries

In Barbados, there is a national beer which is simply referred to as Banks Beer and this is produced and falls under the umbrella of The Banks Holdings Group, so named in 1999 from Banks Breweries Ltd., after a major restructuring and re-branding exercise. Banks Breweries started approximately fifty (50) years ago and is located on Wildey Main Road in St. Michael and is known for its trade mark colours, especially the use of the bold and vibrant red.




Banks Holdings is by far the largest beverage producer as it brews and bottles both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The range is phenomenal - Frutee, Malt, Coke, Sprite and Guiness. In addition, through the Barbados Dairy Industries connection, they also are recognized producers of juice, milk and more.


The administrative offices are there, however the attraction lies in the opportunity to tour the brewery itself with the hope of getting a taste of one or more of the beverages under production.


Quickly growing from strength to strength, exportation of the beer started as early as 1968 at a regional level, and over the years, the reach of the products and especially Banks beer can be described as phenomenal. Indeed, it was just in 2008, that the combined Banks Beer Brand made a successful entrance to the US market. What is there to do at the Wildey location? Persons can call (246) 227-6782 to make a booking for the Brew-seum tour which is as rich in history and combines a look at the modern joined together with the cutting edge technology. Tours available at 10:00 am, 12 noon and 2:00 pm. A re-created drink stop or watering hole awaits the visitor to Banks Breweries and it is here that visitors can get a full taste of what is available through the Banks group.




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