Two Old Army Jeeps, Drill Hall, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Drill Hall

The Garrison area in the parish of St. Michael, Barbados contains what some might say is some of the richest, if perhaps understated history. Reference here is to the strong military ties between Barbados and the then Mother Country, England.




The Drill Hall, which sits opposite today's Garrison Savannah, the island's sole horse racing track leads a somewhat similar life to back in the 18th and 19th centuries. What is worth noting is the fact that this site is still used for military purposes, driven by the needs and directive of the Barbados Government, rather than any external forces.


Many years ago, the Drill Hall existed as barracks, accommodation for the soldiers and was attached via construction to the walls of St Ann's Fort in 1790. Generally described as the low building sitting behind St. Ann's Fort, it was built on the fort's moat and the location has gone down in history's books as having never flooded over the years, despite its positioning.




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