Heritage Tours

Barbados is an island ripe with history. Hundreds of years under colonial rule saw the building of ostentatious plantation houses, many of which have either been preserved unchanged, restored or enhanced. Due to its strong connection to England, there was a strong military presence in Barbados for many years and this fact also translated into the building of key strongholds across the island.


The Garrison Historic area, which is home today to the only racing track in Barbados, the Garrison Savannah is but one example of part of this rich heritage. The Barbados Defence Force Headquarters is home to St Ann's Fort and the Main Guard where artillery, canons and other paraphernalia from those days has been preserved and forms part of a display area, open for viewing. Further along the Hastings main road is Pavilion court, which would have comprised the army barracks and other holding areas in the 17th century and following.


The Barbados Museum is located in the general vicinity to the Savannah and is home to an extensive collection of artifacts, documents, carvings and paintings which capture the history of the island back from the days of slavery. It is also educational in its outlook and portrayal and, many a school tour is organized to the Museum.


Looking from a completely different perspective, Barbados was once privileged to have a train system. It has long since been discontinued; however a part of the track can still be found in the heart of the country. Many a hike or heritage walk has followed that route with a brief history provided.


Now, these are but a few examples of the kind of activities available in Barbados for those persons who possess a passion for appreciating a country's legacy and background. Plan your heritage tour today!




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