Submarine Tours

Barbados is an island of 166 sq miles which is completely surrounded by water. Known for its lovely beaches, crystal clear sand and brilliant blue waters, it is also fast becoming recognized for its marine and underwater life. In this regard, many locals are taking up diving and, as many visitors seek out dive shops and schools during their stay in Barbados.


Linked to this fascination with the underwater is a special attraction which the island has to offer.  Barbados offers a submarine dive and there is one company Atlantis Submarine which offers this opportunity to view marine life, fish and other ecological aspects from a different viewpoint and without getting wet. The submarine goes out and then under, taking its passengers on an underwater expedition.


Though strongly recommended as a family affair, anyone game for an adventure should take the trip while in Barbados. It is a guided tour and the co-pilot ably and efficiently describes the glorious aspects of nature which you can see through your window. The duration of the trip is 2 hours and 20 minutes long and there are morning and afternoon tours. Cost for adults  17 years of age and above is BDS $208 (which includes a drink) and children from 3ft high up to 17 years old: BDS$104.00. There are few persons who would say going on the Atlantis does not represent value for money. 


Remember, bookings are required in advance and may be completed online  by clicking here.


While in Barbados, do something different… take the Atlantis Submarine tour!!




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