Transport Services

A sound transportation system is essential to a nation, whether developing or developed  and since both its residents and visitors are likely to use it, it should be dependable. Barbados, the most easterly island in the Caribbean chain, has many forms of transportation available.


Firstly, there are the government-run buses which fall under the ambit of the Barbados Transport Board. These are large blue buses which operate from three (3) main terminals: two (2) in Bridgetown and one (1)  in Speightstown. They run to schedule and there are red and white bus stops placed at strategic points on the road ways of the island. Bus fare is BDS$2.00, with some specific variations applicable to local old age pensioners, school children and members of some of the uniformed services.


There are also privately owned mini-buses (bright yellow) and maxi-taxis (smaller white vans with a maroon side strip) also called route taxis. The majority of them follow the main routes serviced by the Transport Board buses and the bus fare is also BDS$2.00


There is a reliable taxi service, with many recognized service providers, both individuals and companies. Most rates are flat, based on distance between Point A to Destination B. It is suggested that you use taxis, recommended by your hotel or business associates. Alternatively, get an idea of the cost of travel to your destination before starting off. Official taxis are normally easily identifiable by their registration plates e.g. Z 122 or Z 606.




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