Eco & Nature Tours

In recent times, there has been a greater global focus on the environment and its preservation. The world of travel and tourism has not remained immune to this development and there are thousands of persons world-wide who base their leisure activities on exploring the unspoilt aspects of nature.


The small island of Barbados has many options for such a discerning visitor who is keen to explore its natural beauty and focus on an eco-vacation. In the parish of St. Thomas, there are a few options: one is Harrison's Cave, which is an underground cave with ponds and stalactites and stalagmites. Then there is Welchman Hall Gully, which is a natural, unspoilt gully with tall trees and natural flora and fauna.


If a rugged ride taking in the natural sites, presents even a remote form of excitement, you can try an Island Safari trip. A jeep ride is the form of transportation and these trips follow routes that take passengers into some of the unchartered parts of the island. Stops are provided for them to stretch their legs, take photos and enjoy some refreshment plus the sites. River Bay in St. Lucy and Welchman Hall Gully mentioned above, are but two of the very many stops made on each journey. Both Island Safari and Adventureland Tours are the two main companies which offer this service in Barbados and bookings must be made in advance.


The Barbados Wildlife Reserve in St. Peter affords visitors the opportunity to walk among the trees and greenery to view birds and animals in a natural state. Some of the environmental groups, such as the Barbados Coastal Management Unit also organize nature walks and other treks. These are usually listed in the local papers or you can ask for information at your place of accommodation.


Barbados has lots to offer to the eco-friendly tourist - Simply just ask!!




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