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Personal Tours

Have you ever wanted that vacation that was yours, exquisitely and undoubtedly yours? Yes, you can rent a car and take a map to do your own thing… but what if you did not even have to do that much. Well in Barbados, there are tour operators and individuals whose focus is on catering to you the individual, offering personalized tours and trips.


Now, it is true that these tours may be similarly classified to a "custom" tour; however the subtle difference lies in the fact that you, the customer, can dictate more. So, if you are in Barbados for a week and are only interested in going shopping and swimming, then a special tour can be created for you taking in as many beaches and shopping areas in as many parishes as you would like to visit. Just discuss with the tour guide, make your arrangements and be ready for pick-up.


With so many activities to choose: ranging from sports, entertainment, the arts, to sand, sea and surf, how could you not find something to meet your need? Take diving or sailing lessons, browse an art gallery or two and then laze away in a nearby café.  Or take a catamaran cruise during the day and then arrange a private party for two (2) or even eight (8) for that same evening. You see some restaurants in Barbados actually do have private dining sections which can be booked ahead of time for special occasions.


A personalized tour is likely to involve some dreaming and discussion, so don't be hesitant to describe exactly what you are looking for, even if it is not listed in any brochure or leaflet. Make your vacation in Barbados one to truly remember… Make it personally yours!!




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