Air & Interisland

Travel in and out of Barbados is a simple process. The island's airport, the Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) in the parish of Christ Church can rival any of the international airports in any of the larger markets. The majority of the larger airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Air Canada and American Airlines fly into Barbados on frequent schedules. Each of them has a clearly identified check-in counter and customer service agents to meet the needs of their travelling passengers. Some smaller airlines and regional carriers also have pride of place at the airport.


While, we are keen to ensure that our visitors stay and enjoy every activity which Barbados has to offer, we do encourage travel to the other islands. In some cases, these trips are arranged before arriving here. If however, that is not the case; the concierge in the hotels would normally be able to make suggestions and the necessary arrangements. If a personal visit to or contact with a travel agency is preferred, then a recommendation should be obtained as there are many to choose from in Barbados. Some of the nearby islands include St Lucia, Grenada, Trinidad & Tobago and trips and accommodation where required can be arranged for one-day to as long as desired.


Please note that air and interisland travel in Barbados, can also be accommodated via charter plane or private jet.


For all travel in and out of Barbados, persons should ensure they have identification (passport, driver's license) and their e-ticket or regular ticket as necessary. In other words, sufficient documentation should be available to verify destination and departure location.


The Customs and Immigration officials are helpful and are available to answer queries. Their roles are important and they should be afforded the utmost respect as they endeavour to uphold the laws of Barbados.




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