Cruise Passengers

Over the past fifteen (15) years approximately, the popularity of cruise tourism has grown worldwide, with  Barbados being one of the stops on many of the Caribbean routes. While air travel and passengers continue to dominate, the records reflect steady growth in cruise ship arrivals.


Some of the liners which have graced the island of Barbados are ships from the Holland Line and the Carnival Destiny, with the latter two having the most extensive throughput on the island on a weekly basis. In the latter half of 2010, the established Celebrity Cruises brand also introduced one of its boats to the island of Barbados.


Every week, at least twice a week, an average of three (3) massive liners would be docked at the Port and the majority of passengers will disembark at the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal at the Barbados Port of Authority.


Within the Terminal itself, there are a variety of duty-free shops laid out for the convenience of the visitors. Items such as souvenirs, tee-shirts and local confectionery are laid out to entice each person to take a slice of Barbados back home. This would not be the only stop as many of the passengers make their way out of the port area into Bridgetown, either by taxi or on foot. There, they wander through the streets of the capital city, sampling the food, souvenirs and the wider variety of duty-free items in the department stores and large jewellery stores.


In some cases, pre-arranged island tours would have been booked prior to docking, however quite a few of the cruise passengers seek out taxis to take them for a stop and stare drive around the island. For those seeking to relax, it is not unusual to see many making their way to Brandon’s beach, which is in close proximity to the port.




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