Flower Forest

The Flower Forest in Barbados is a natural wooded area located in the district of Richmond in St. Joseph that has been skillfully landscaped to showcase the magnificent beauty of the many tropical blooms and lush foliage which abound here on the picturesque island.


A kaleidoscope of colour greets every visitor to the Flower Forest especially the bright vibrant reds and oranges of the heliconias, some of which are commonly known as the 'bird of paradise'. There is in fact so much variety that visitors might have a hard time deciding where to focus their attention. There are so many unexpected plant groupings that visitors are encouraged to stray from the paths for a much more intimate inspection of the plants.


The indigenous green monkey is a frequent visitor to the forest and as such has become quite accustomed to humans that they often sit to observe what you are doing and if you are lucky, they might entertain you with some of their mischievous antics. The tranquility of the Barbados Flower Forest is only interrupted sporadically with the harmonious melodies of the many species of birds that make their home in the surrounding trees.


Tours through this wonderful facility are self guided but guided tours may be arranged by reservation. However, if you choose to amble along the gently sloping hills of the Barbados Flower Forest on your own, you can take your time, sit on the many benches provided and just enjoy the tranquility of this serene location. Guided tours on the other hand last approximately forty five minutes so if you are pressed for time that might be your best bet.  


Also located on site is a 'Best of Barbados' gift shop which specializes in the sale of local craft and souvenirs. There is also snack bar which provides light snacks and lunches which include the flying fish (a major part of Barbados' national dish) and a 'must try' once you are here on the island.    


The Flower Forest in Barbados is wheelchair accessible but you must appreciate that the forest paths can be uneven and thus make for slow going along the trails. However, if needed walking sticks and umbrellas are available at the facility. In any case the beautiful scenery and breathtaking views of Barbados’ East Coast make it well worth the effort.


The Flower Forest is opened five days a week from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and is situated quite near to the world renowned Harrison's Cave and the noted Welchman Hall Gully. Adults visiting this natural Barbadian wonder are charged an admission fee of twenty Barbados dollars ($20.00 Bds.) while children pay half price. Remember, come to the Flower Forest in Barbados to see the exotic plants but you are invited to stay for the unforgettable views and the tranquility that define this very scenic Barbadian attraction.


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