Hunte's Gardens

This lush tropical garden, located in Castle Grant in the parish of St. Joseph, was planted by the owner and proprietor of the well known plant nursery, Anthony Hunte; a very eccentric and well known Barbadian character who is quite often seen browsing through the gardens and stopping to regale his visitors with colourful stories of the garden and of Barbados in general.


Hunte's Gardens indeed mirrors the eccentricity of its owner with its whimsical plant placements as well as the many strategically placed Greek and Roman inspired statues; there is even a fat, smiling Buddha with his arms raised high above his head as if he were getting ready to burst into a good, old 'Bajan wuk up' or maybe he is just spreading some peace and tranquility among these beautiful, exotic plants.  In any case this garden seems to possess a magical, almost mystical lure that makes visitors seem to fall under its spell of rapt awe.


As you enter this beautiful lush garden in Barbados your ears are gently caressed by the soft strains of classical music wafting through the air; I don't know if the music is intended for the visitors or the plants but in either case it certainly seems to keep both parties quite happy and relaxed.


Hunte’s Gardens in Barbados is nestled in a sink hole like gully on about the same elevation as Barbados’ highest peak, Mount Hillaby and as such typically experiences more rainfall than other parts of the island; this in addition to the streams which flow beneath the garden’s floor ensure that the plants remain luxuriant and vibrant year round.


Additionally, Hunte’s gardens are quite unlike many of the other more traditional gardens on the island, in that this garden is constantly changing.  You see many, if not all of the plants, pots, statues, etc. found throughout the gardens are for sale as Hunte’s Gardens is first and foremost a working plant nursery. Anything in the Garden that catches your fancy can be bought and the owner will gladly discuss a reasonable price with you. This entrepreneurial spirit practiced by the owner ensures that the next time you visit the garden there will other hidden surprises in store.


Admission into this beautiful tropical Barbadian getaway is twenty Barbados dollars ($20.00 Bds.) and includes drinks; tea, Bajan lemonade or our very own Bajan rum punch served on flower strewn trays on Mr. Hunte’s opened terrace or on one of the many benches scattered throughout this fascinating garden. Mr. Hunte's infamous commercial which declared that his plant nursery was "opened seven days a week including Sundays" also applies to his wonderfully inspiring garden.


This little piece of paradise would definitely make a serene backdrop for an enchanting wedding or any other special occasion for that matter; so if you are searching for that perfect place in Barbados to host your special event, Hunte's Gardens might be ideal so give them a call at (246) 433-3333 to make your Barbadian dreams a reality.




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