Lady Swinging from a Rope, While Another is Blindfolded & Led to the Edge of a Diving Board on Board Jolly Roger Cruises, Barbados Pocket Guide

Jolly Roger Pirate Cruises

Jolly Roger Pirate Cruises is part of the Tall Ship Cruises diverse fleet. This pirate ship set sail from the Bridgetown Careenage back in 1969 just before Christmas on its first expedition that took it along Barbados' west coast. Having set sail with a mission in mind, Jolly Roger was well equipped with barrels of rum punch as it set out to conquer the high seas.


On boarding the Jolly Roger, one can't help but feel thrown into the age of piracy. A mere glimpse of the ever active pirate flag speaks volumes in itself as to the nature of this voyage that to this day still sails along Barbados' west coast.


Food, fun and frolic prevail on this voyage as endless cuisine inclusive of chicken, fish or steak is available along with their famous Jolly Roger pirate punch. Fun and frolic begin with the brave at heart as they decide to walk a wooden plank or go even further and swing from a rope that lands them directly into Barbados' warm waters. Clearly this voyage is all about food, fun, friends and an abundance of activities as you can even take a break from it all and take in some sun on the top deck.


It would be more than fitting to say that the Jolly Roger Pirate Cruises is yet another addition to the many options you have available right here in Barbados.


It is important to note that management reserves the right to make any necessary adjustments pertaining to activities on board the Jolly Roger based on prevailing weather conditions.


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