Moonlight Cruises

I'm sure that by now you would have discovered that the small but fascinating island of Barbados is truly a wonder by day. The attractions and cultural heritage of the island are already quite a bit to explore. But have you discovered the island by night? If the answer to this question is a resounding 'no', then it's time to go on a moonlight cruise.


Moonlight cruises in Barbados are simply extensions of daytime cruises. The same experience of great Bajan food and a festive party atmosphere live on as the night grows old.


Depending on the time of year you decide to visit Barbados, your moonlight cruise could very well have an interesting twist of adventure to it as you may very well get to see turtles as their come ashore to nest. These turtles are attracted to the soft sands that run so endlessly along the shores of Barbados. At the time of hatching, an almost profusion of baby turtles scamper across the soft sand making their way into the ocean. Truly a sight to see.


The island of Barbados has a number of options to choose from when it comes to sailing. Our options range from simple catamarans to the more luxurious catamarans. Your choice of going on a moonlight cruise in Barbados is available to you with the option of half and whole day cruise operators.


Functions in Barbados that can be held on moonlight cruises include but are not limited to weddings, birthday parties, fund raising events and Christmas parties.




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