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Andromeda Botanical Gardens

Andromeda Botanical Gardens sited in Bathsheba in the parish of St. Joseph on the lovely island of Barbados is a six acre tropical garden which was named for the massive outcrop of rock on which the house and garden have been constructed and appear to be bound; just like the legendary Greek maiden Andromeda who was chained to the massive rock as a sacrifice.  


Iris Bannochie's Biography, Barbados Pocket GuideAndromeda Gardens was opened to the public in the 1970's by the Horticultural Society as a fund raising event and was so successful that it has remained opened ever since. This beautiful tropical garden was first started by Iris Bannochie in 1954 as a private collection around her home. She was the head of the Barbados Horticultural Society at the time and when she died in 1988, she willed this magnificent garden to the Barbados National Trust; until that time, this beautiful plot of land had been in the Bannochie family for over two hundred (200) years.


The tranquil setting that is Andromeda Gardens acts as a natural lure to many of the island’s wildlife so visitors to the gardens are often treated to the hilarious antics of the indigenous Green Monkey and the sweet melodies of many local birds. This is in large part due to the natural landscaping that was achieved over the years which keeps this garden from appearing too structured or planned.


Portrait of Iris Bannochie, Founder of Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Barbados Pocket GuideCurrently Andromeda Gardens is home to well over six hundred (600) species of tropical plants. This garden abounds with many varieties of palms, bougainvilleas, hibiscus, orchids and heliconias. There are also many succulents and cacti located in the more shaded areas of the garden. Andromeda Gardens also boasts procession of many breadfruit trees which are directly descended from the original stock of the trees that were brought to the island by the famous Captain Bligh.


Also located on the property is a large Bearded Fig Tree from which the island of Barbados got its name by the Portuguese who first saw the magnificent trees on the island. This beautiful garden features many plants from around the world including several rare species and hybrids which dot the landscape along the large boulders and lily ponds.  


From Andromeda Gardens visitors are treated to the spectacular views of the east coast of Barbados overlooking the scenic Bathsheba coastline and Tent Bay. This garden which seems to sprout from the slopes of this picturesque spot on the island of Barbados looms gracefully above the Atlantic Ocean and gives visitors to the site a taste of Barbados' natural air conditioning as the gentle breezes make exploring this tropical garden a relaxing and pleasurable experience.


Andromeda Gardens here in Barbados features a gift shop and restaurant where you can and comfortably refresh yourself after taking in the natural beauty that is Andromeda Gardens. Remember, admission to the garden is free to Barbados National Trust members and members of affiliate Trusts but all are welcomed.


Additional Information

Opening Hours  -  Monday - Sunday (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
Admission  - $20 (Bds.) Adults / Children $10 (Bds.)


NB.  Andromeda Garden is closed on the following days…

• Easter Sunday
Kadooment Day
• Emancipation Day
• Christmas Day




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