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Silver Moon Luxury Catamarans

Silver Moon Luxury Catamarans offer you a chance to get out and be one with the the ocean at large. An unforgettable experience that truly suits the whole family awaits you as you get on board Silver Moon. Your journey takes you along Barbados' west coast where you get a glimpse of the many luxurious homes that line the shore along with the many restaurants and hotels that are also found there.


Your very first stop is in a place where Barbados' native turtles show themselves in numbers. At this point is where you dive into the warm and tranquil waters and get up-close and personal with these beautiful creatures of the sea. What a jaw-dropping experience as you watch the guides feed them and they swim close enough for you to touch them.


After this stop, you then move on to another location where you will find one of Barbados' most amazing shipwrecks. A place of further tranquility abound as you watch the many fish and marine life that have made this wreck their home, swim merrily about.


This particular tour on board Silver Moon Luxury Catamarans lasts a duration of approximately 3 1/2 hours. This is well suited for those whose stay in Barbados is a short one as it still gives more than enough time to do other things while on the island.


Included in this tour are transportation, snorkel equipment and drinks. Adults pay Bds $65.00 while children pay Bds $48.00.


For further information on Silver Moon Catamaran Cruises, click here, or contact them at (246) 438-2088.


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