Off the Spring Garden Highway, the first official highway in Barbados, which is over thirty (30) years old, there sits on the popular Brandon's beach, a restaurant called Weisers on the Bay. Owned and operated by two brothers, with one taking responsibility for the food and menu and the other for the marketing and concept generation, they have worked in tandem for more than ten (10) years in order to ensure the success of their business operation.


As one drives northward along the highway, the bright and cheerful green and orange-painted chattel and wall structure on the seaward side cannot be missed. Its colours depict the lively spirit of the people of Barbados and the Caribbean people as a whole. It also speaks to the type of atmosphere which the owners of Weisers wish to create for their patrons.


The daily menu is quite exciting and is a la carte. For appetizers, one can choose from fishcakes, chicken tenders, samosas and coconut-crusted shrimp. For those true pasta lovers, some kind of pasta dish is made every day. For the main course, cast one's eye over the Cajun chicken, grilled fish or chicken and barbequed ribs. Are you hungry yet?


To cover those persons who may have limited time and are passing through on a lunch break, daily specials are offered. These items, which are not static, vary of course and one may get a curry dish one day, a quick pasta, roast pork and a starch or a surprise a la Barbados. A list of mouth-watering desserts also awaits you.


On Sundays in Barbados, there has been a growing trend over the past few years to families eating out for Sunday lunch. More and more proprietors have become wise to this and have sought to carve their own niche. Weisers on the Bay is no exception and they offer a weekly Sunday buffet from 12 noon to 3:00 pm. It is a Bajan spread and like most buffets one might be spoilt for choice. Vegetable rice, scalloped potatoes and sweet potato pie, chicken, beef stew, curry lamb and flying fish are but some of what you will see set out on the tables.  For dessert, one might have a choice between fruit cocktail and ice-cream or a little of both. All this for $40.00 including dessert. Drinks are on sale.


To add some variety for its patrons, a Friday Back-in-Time lime was recently started. Starting at 6:00pm and running to 11:00pm, pure "house" music is offered through the restaurant's sound system. Persons can party, eat and drink as the menu is generally available right through. Two televisions are placed strategically on the property so that persons can watch their favourite sports game or music video. The team continues to assess the needs of its customers and is constantly thinking of innovative ways to entertain them. Stay tuned on this front.


As there are smoking restrictions in force on the island, all proprietors must ensure that they conform to the letter of the law. At Weisers on the Bay, they have sought to meet or exceed the expectations of all categories of patrons. There is now a designated smoking area and seating is provided on the outside of the restaurant, on the beach side, to cater to anyone who needs to have a smoke while visiting their premises.


For more information, call Paul or Andrew at (246) 425-6450 and to quote Barbadian calypsonian, Ras Iley, shout "Spring Garden Ah Coming!!" just to get to Weisers on the Bay, on Brandons Beach in Barbados.




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