Orchid World

Orchid World as the name suggest is collection of some of the most exotic orchids from around the world. This facility occupies six acres of the former farmland and is nestled in the centre of several fields of majestically swaying cane fields in the lush St. George district of Groves right here on the island of Barbados.


Situated at about eight hundred and ten feet above sea level (810 ft.), Orchid World affords its visitors unobstructed views of the island’s breathtaking countryside over a sea of swaying, green sugar canes. Visitors to the garden are therefore encouraged to sit on the strategically placed benches while the subtle fragrances of the orchids transport you to exotic places as you sit and mentally recharge. This is definitely a place to visit if you simply want to unwind and revitalize your spirit.


Orchid World here in Barbados is home to over twenty thousand (20,000) orchids which are mainly displayed in the five orchid houses that are scattered throughout the garden. Some orchids have also been planted along the edge of some of the paths while others have found their home in some of the trees around the property.


The many colours and shapes of these intriguing blooms are simply spectacular. The bright pinks, blues, purples; in fact the entire colour spectrum seems to be represented by these little mystical flowers and when you think that you have seen them all another bloom around the corner surprises you.


On the property there is also a 'Wedding Gazebo' which provides a beautiful backdrop for that unique wedding experience which the staff at Orchid World would gladly organize just for you. Additionally, there is a "Best of Barbados" gift shop where you can acquire some of the local crafts and souvenirs. A small bar and restaurant is also located on the premises so that you could sit and experience a light meal in these pristine surroundings.


Orchid world is also wheelchair accessible but as for most outdoor trails, the paths may become uneven and this could make for tedious going along the paths.  Nonetheless, the trek along the paths at Orchid World here in Barbados, opens a world of beauty and tranquility that are well worth the exertion. 


Orchid World is open to the public seven days a week from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm and there is an admission fee of $10 (US) for adults and $5 (US) for children.


Contact Information

Telephone  - (246) 433-0306
Fax  - (246) 433-8365
Email  - 




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