Jolly Roger- A Taste of the Caribbean

A Taste of the Caribbean - Dinner and Show


The Legend of Sam Lord

‘Sam Lord’ is noted as one of Barbados’ most famous pirates due to his unique but profitable method to acquire his wealth.  Legend states he would hang lanterns in coconut trees to attract the ships, deceiving the captains, which made them sail towards that direction believing it was the Bridgetown port. They would wreck their ships on a reef in the area and Sam Lord would board the ships and plunder them.


On arrival to the Tavern at the Black Pearl, wenches serve patrons Caribbean appetizers while they sit and enjoy the land aspect of the show, which includes an interactive production of ‘Sam Lord’s legend fused with other Bajan elements. This consists of the skills and talents of actors, dancers, stilt walkers, fire-eaters, Limbo dancers and the entertaining Mother Sally who leads patrons on to the rocking Jolly Roger Ship for the Sea aspect of the experience.


Patrons cruise along the breezy cool West Coast while enjoying a delightful Bajan buffet cuisine with drinks, drinks and more drinks!!  With calypso blaring, patrons are encouraged to ‘shake a leg’ with some of the cast, where they are shown authentic Caribbean dances such as ‘ Dolla Wine’, ‘Down South’and‘Nani Wine’ as well as some of the classics such as ‘Conga line.’


This show is a one of a kind experience where patrons become part of the cast and feel like honorary Bajans when they depart.


Showtime: 6:30 pm
Sail Time: 7:00- 10:00 pm
Price: Adult - $175 Bds
  Child (4-12 yrs)- $90 Bds


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