Plantation Theatre Show

Bajan Roots & Rhythms is the only dinner and stage show held in Barbados. This spectacular cultural shows that take place at the Plantation Theatre. This show is not one of those shows you can sit back and simply watch as guests get to participate to the fullest extent of their capabilities.


Bajan Roots & Rhythms as it is aptly named, highlights the history and culture of Barbados in the most unforgettable way imaginable. This show is such a highlighted event that it gets great exposure on BET, BBC, CNN's Travel Guide and Granada Television in the UK.


Bajan Roots & Rhythms brings the following to the audience:-

• proud to be Bajan

• the many faces of Africa

• the original Bridgetown Market

• flaming hot fire

• Kadooment in Barbados


Boogie Night

Held every last Saturday of the month, this show is the ultimate back in time party that takes place in Barbados.


Festival Fever

Definitely festival fever at the Plantation. Throughout the Crop Over Season, the Plantation comes alive with another cultural aspect of Barbados. The Crop Over Season takes place annually in Barbados and is a time of absolute celebration. Each week, they feature three (3) of the best DJs Barbados has to offer to simply keep the crowd alive and coming.


A night of fine Bajan cuisine, free drinks, music, dance and great entertainment await you at the Plantation Theatre.




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