Students Taking Part in the St. Winifreds Pantomine, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. Winifred's Pantomime

The St. Winifred's Pantomime has a long and beautiful history that dates as far back as 1969, when the first Pantomime entitled 'Mother Goose' was produced by Anna Adamira. 


Held every other year on the enchanting island of Barbados and on the compounds of the St. Winifred's School in the parish of St. Michael, this Pantomime is certainly a must-see. Based on its every other year production, St. Winifred's School alternates with the Ursuline Convent each Christmas Season to host the pantomime. This purposeful event reaps such success that it is one of the ways in which this private school is able to assist themselves in supporting their student's programmes. Along with ticket sales, Barbados' private sector also plays an integral part in the financial assistance of these productions.


Not only financial support is in full swing with the St. Winifred's Pantomime as the parents of these faithful students are consistently supportive throughout this time. They lend assistance however they can to help aid in making this production one that stands out in the minds of all Barbadians and visitors to the island.


Rehearsals for the pantomime take place as early as July with the help of a group of dedicated students who perform an impressive balancing act between rehearsals and their school work.


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