Daphne Joseph Hackett Theatre

In 1990, the Queen's Park Theatre's name was changed to the Daphne Joseph Hackett Theatre. This was seen as one of Barbados' chief thetrical grounds on which Barbadian actors and actresses used as a stepping stone and a pathway to developing their talents.


The Daphne Joseph-Hackett Award in Drama is conferred to the person or persons who by way of words and expression can captivate their audience into a world of absolute drama.


Daphne Joseph Hackett

Daphne Joseph Hackett was born in 1915 on the beautiful island of Barbados. Throughout her life, she gave sacrificially to the teaching profession and the growth and maturation of drama in both Barbados and the Caribbean.


For more than thirty (30) years and even after her retirement, Daphne Joseph Hackett was the assistant mistress at Queen's College and was renowned for honing the hidden talents of many of the school children there at the time. It is no wonder that when one thinks of dramatic arts in Barbados her name is the first to come to mind as she clearly had an unlimited amount of enthusiasm when it came to the Arts and the development of other's talents.


Daphne Joseph Hackett died in 1988.




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