South Coast

Shopping on the south coast of the island of Barbados is really becoming quite an experience with all the new shopping areas which are being developed in addition to all of the other conveniences like restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and so on that are already in the area.


Many of the shopping facilities located on this side of the island are primarily situated on or very close to the main transport artery, Highway 7 or as the locals like to call it the coast Road. This makes it very convenient to access by any means of transportation; you can even find shopping and other commercial activity as you stroll along the beaches or just hop across the street.


Starting from Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital city where you are likely to find whatever you need or dare I say, want. Here you will find almost anything ranging from clothing to jewelry and even handmade souvenirs and other locally crafted accessories.


As you leave the environs of historic Bridgetown and head in a southerly direction, you will discover the new shopping centre, The Shops at Lanterns, where you can stop and have a healthy bite to eat at Barbados’ only Subway restaurant or taste the curries of the The Roti Hut and any of the other dishes from the other exotic eateries located in this modern complex. There are even two ice-cream parlors where you can indulge you sweet tooth.


As you travel along the coast road, you will come across numerous little shops like those in the Coconut Walk Complex and the Quayside centre. A short way up the road is also a branch of Barbados' largest department store, Cave Shepherd in the Vista complex. In this general area you will also find several supermarkets and other small stores as you make your way southward.


A little further along the way, just after you pass the local police station, where you will see the welcoming sign to the St. Lawrence Gap; it along this infamous stretch of road that you will discover many exotic island treasures at the many vendors of handcrafted items who ply their wares along this popular stretch. A chattel village is also located a short distance away and here again you will find all of the souvenirs and locally handcrafted items you might want to take back as gifts for friends and loved ones.


As you travel along Barbados' south coast you will discover that there is no shortage of places for you to stop and indulge that need we all have to shop. Welcome to Barbados and enjoy the experience.