Morgan Lewis Windmill, Morgan Lewis, St. Andrew, Barbados Pocket Guide

Morgan Lewis Windmill

Barbados is an island ripe with history, significantly influenced by the many years during which it was under the colonial rule of the British Government. This was a time when sugar and its ensuing lifestyles were in control. In the parish of St. Andrew, there exists remnants of a bygone era, that being Morgan Lewis Mill. This mill is one of only two sugar mills left standing in the entire Caribbean, with the other one being in Antigua.




Like most parts of the island, this location was an old sugar plantation and in the history annals, it is recorded as the very last mill to operate in Barbados, with the last grinding taking place somewhere between 1945 and 1947. Though in disrepair, the structure of the main building retains some measure of fascination to sight-seers as well as researchers, as it is noted that at that time buildings were held together with very simple concoctions (to include egg whites) since the concept of cement as we know it was non-existence.


As part of its attraction, Morgan Lewis Mill has retained some of the original equipment used to produce sugar at a time when the industry was propelled by wind force. The last major restoration project on the property was undertaken by a UK millwright, The Chiltern Partnership, which was largely responsible for working earnestly to restore the Mill to some of its former prestige.


Today, Morgan Lewis Mill falls under the umbrella of the Barbados National Trust as a heritage site. It is opened to the public Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with an admission of Barbados $10.00 for adults and half-price for children. Contact them at (246) 422 - 7429.




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