Chamberlain Bridge, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Chamberlain Bridge

The island of Barbados is one ripe with a rich history and heritage. Driving through the island, one can see evidence of this in the mix of architectural styles of both homes and places of interest, both in the city and the countryside.




The Chamberlain Bridge is located in the heart of the capital city of Bridgetown. Originally constructed in 1872, it was created for the explicit purpose of providing a safe path through the Careenage. It was designed with the smaller boats in mind to accommodate them in the "inner basin" of the Careenage River.


Following some concerns as it pertains to safety and in an effort to still preserve some of the history, the Bridge underwent a re-construction exercise in 2006, where it was replaced with a lift, rather than a swing bridge.


In times gone by, the Careenage over which the Chamberlain Bridge is constructed, it was used to control the through-put of the many inter-island vessels coming into Barbados to conduct trade. That time is now past. In today's world, the Careenage provides a temporary stop to various pleasure craft and personal yachts.


The Chamberlain Bridge now functions as an attraction and an important piece of the historical framework of the island of Barbados.




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