Lord Nelson Statue

A likeness of the infamous Englishman, Lord Admiral Nelson in the form of a bronze statue was made and erected in Barbados in 1813.The design and sculpture was completed by Sir Richard Westmacott, and the structure stands some 3660 inches tall.




Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson was born in 1758 and was a flag officer who made considerable contributions and gave great service to the Royal Navy. He fought many battles over the period in Britain and Europe; he even spent time in Jamaica and Nevis during his period of service. The year 1783 is mentioned, in which Lord Nelson spent the latter part of the war (Turks Islands) sailing through the islands of the West Indies.


What is special about this statue in Barbados is that its erection precedes the construction of the Nelson column in Trafalgar Square, London, England by some 27 years. Following his victory and ensuing death at Trafalgar, the Barbadian public was keen to commemorate his life, work and death and so initially, the statue was a monument to Admiral Nelson from the people of Barbados; thus the placing of the statue in what was then called Trafalgar Square in Bridgetown, since renamed Heroes Square in 1999.


From the late 20C and continuing to the present, feelings about Nelson's statue have been mixed among the Barbadian public, with some quarters agitating for it to be completely removed as it bears no relevance to the island and is a reminder of colonial times.


Almost 20 years have passed since this agitation commenced, and yet the statue of Lord Nelson continues to preside over Bridgetown in Barbados in acknowledge of his contribution at that point in history.




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