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On the north-western side of the island of Barbados, there is a town, a town classified as the second largest town on the island: it is called Speightstown. It was settled in 1630 and named after a gentleman and landowner by the name of William Speight. One of the Barbados' earliest settlers, Captain John Swan drew the island's first map around 1640. At that time, the area was known as Spykeses Bay but was pronounced Spykestown ever since by many Barbadians. In its heyday, back in the 17th century, Speightstown was considered a thriving port and was an important link in the island's trading activities.




While it cannot lay claim to that position today in the 21st century, Speightstown still bustles with activity and is very busy. In terms of financial representation, almost all of the major commercial banks lie within the vicinity of the town and most major transactions, including loan enquiries can be conducted at any of the locations.


Churches of many of the main denominations can be found in this city, with the two most noticeable being the Anglican and Methodist denominations. There are retail stores of every kind, boutiques, hardware, plumbing and haberdashery to name a few, all within easy access. Vendors can also be found displaying fresh seasonings, fruit  and vegetables in their stalls on the sidewalks of the city of Speightstown. Despite all the modern amenities, stores and traffic flow, there is something quaint and special about this little town. It leaves an "I'm glad I'm in Barbados feeling", even for the average local person.


vendors speightstownThere are certainly things to do in Speightstown. If seeking cultural enrichment is an option, there is an art gallery and a historical museum. In terms of dining options, there are snackettes, fast-food outlets and then other locations, where one can avail of good Bajan food, day in, day out.


The Speightstown Esplanade is an open area where one can sit on a regular day, but which on occasion is the venue for some open-air concert or other such event. It is not likely that this will happen every week, rather, it is seasonal, with such activities expected around Crop Over or Christmas time. The Speightstown jetty is where some of Barbados' fishermen anchor their boats and where persons sometimes gather simply to shoot the breeze.


The only challenge may be finding parking spaces by each store or outlet, however there are parks to be found… so map out the things to do so that everything can get accomplished before fatigue sets in.


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