River Bay

River Bay is almost at the most northerly point of the North Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Lucy, between a cluster of little bays to the south (Jones Bay, Goat House Bay, King's Bay, Nan's Bay, Chandler Bay, Laycock Bay and Little Bay), and another cluster of bays to the north (Cummings, Ladder Bay, Middle Bay, Rocky Bay, Creek Bay and Abbott's Bay).


The next bay north of Abbott's Bay is Animal Flower Bay, home to the incredible Animal Flower Cave in Barbados, where the impact of the Atlantic Ocean has yielded an extraordinary cave in the rocks. A habitat for many amazing sea creatures and wildlife, the Animal Flower Cave in Barbados makes a perfect sightseeing spot to combine with a visit to River Bay.


River Bay is certainly true to its name - a freshwater river winds through the Barbados countryside until it meets the sea here, hence the name. River Bay is not the easiest place to get to but it’s well worth the effort, rewarding visitors with not only a secluded spot away from the hurly-burly of the more urban areas of Barbados but also some of the most memorable views you will see on the island.


Both the river and River Bay are small and charming, though the river is perhaps more of a stream than a river! The Barbados government has improved access to the River Bay area by constructing a road, so vehicles are now permitted, and providing other appropriate facilities such as a pay phone, bathrooms, changing rooms and ordinary and fresh water showers. 


River Bay in Barbados is a very popular spot for Barbadians and tourists at weekends and public holidays, and there are numerous benches under the shade of numerous tropical trees where you can escape from the sun. If you prefer to feel like a 'castaway, the best time to visit River Bay in Barbados would be during the week when it is usually tranquil and deserted.


Swimming is generally considered safe in a sheltered bay like River Bay, and is especially popular at low tide. However, swimming anywhere on the North coast of Barbados can be risky, so be sure to take the necessary precautions of not going alone, asking locals about the sea conditions, and using a reasonable level of prerequisite common sense. Also avoid wading too far out to sea at River Bay if you are new to this part of the Barbados coastline, as rough seas, large waves, powerful currents, and hazardous undertow can all pose potential difficulties for swimmers.


If you prefer to stay 'high and dry', the cliffs above River Bay make a superb place from where you can take in the panoramic view of a large proportion of Barbados' impressive northern coastline - standing above River Bay, you will be in a prime place to observe the interaction of the sea and the interesting rock formations, observing the phenomenal seasprays created by the pummelling of the Atlantic waves onto the cliffs. Keen photographers, be advised - don't forget your camera if you’re visiting River Bay! 


In this elevated location you can also take advantage of the picnicking areas, but as there are no retail outlets make sure you remember to bring your own supplies. Keep in mind that whilst ascending the cliff on the left said of the bank is achievable for adults - and worth it for the spectacular views - it may be too difficult for children or those with fitness restrictions.




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