Foul Bay

Foul Bay is an idyllic cove nestled amongst the cliffs on the south-east coast of Barbados in an area called Hopeland in the parish of St. Philip. Situated only 3 (three) miles from Barbados' Grantley Adams International Airport, this Barbados setting's name is completely incongruous with its actual appearance. 


Foul Bay is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, where Casuarina and palm trees offer shady spots along the picturesque white sandy beach, where a small fleet of local Barbadian fishing boats occasionally bob up and down lazily on the water, and where the turquoise surf crashes onto the shoreline.  


So, to use the words of the American Travel guide on website U.S.News, 'Get over the name, pack a beach bag, and prepare to be amazed'.


If you're driving to Foul Bay in Barbados, head for the St. Martin's Anglican Church where you will see a signpost to the right saying "Public Access to Foul Bay Beach". There is a public car park at the end of this road, and the beach is one minute's walk away.


Foul Bay in Barbados is a perfect picnic area for families, especially at the weekend or public holidays, and there are some picnic tables and benches conveniently situated near to the beach. There are no beach bars or shops here though, so make sure you bring your own food and drinks. If you're lucky you might even see turtles hatching and making their first journey to the sea. The hatching season for hawksbill turtles in Barbados is mid-July to mid-October, and the baby turtles (or hatchlings as they are called) usually emerge between 6:00 pm and 4:00 am - visit http://www.barbadosseaturtles.org/ to read more about the Barbados Sea Turtle Project.


The long, wide panoramic beach at Foul Bay in Barbados, while extremely popular with Barbadians (Bajans), rarely seems crowded or swarming with tourists. This may be due to there being very few hotels nearby but, whatever the reason, you are practically guaranteed a tranquil, idyllic Barbados setting that you won't need to share with too many others, making it the perfect destination for those who enjoy peace and quiet, and a truly romantic venue for wedding or vow renewal ceremonies.


Foul Bay is not considered the best place in Barbados to swim or snorkel.  The large waves break on the shore rather than out at sea, creating unpredictable currents and undertows that can make getting into the water difficult. If you are a strong swimmer, however, you'll have an amazing time once in the beautiful clear water, either diving under the waves or body surfing and 'boogie boarding'. It's sensible to make sure you are accompanied when going in the water at Foul Bay as there is no lifeguard. 


There are no changing rooms at Foul Bay in Barbados, but showers and toilets are available. There are also no beach chairs to rent if you're just wanting to sit, relax and watch the world go by, so unless tourists take their own seats, beach towels or blankets, Foul Bay is perhaps better recommended for adventurous Barbados visitors who want to experience the thrill of the waves, or those who enjoy walking and beachcombing.


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