Broad Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Broad Street

Broad Street is the main street of the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. Located in the parish of St. Michael, it can be reached from several angles depending on whether one is walking, driving or being driven.  




A massive hive of activity and varied architectural structures, this street is a hub of financial centres, restaurants and other retail stores. There is an Upper Broad Street and a Lower Broad Street. The former is closer to the end with the infamous Lord Nelson Statue and Lower Broad Street is in the general vicinity of the taxi stand near the architecturally beautiful Old Mutual Building, which presently houses one branch of the Butterfield Bank.


All of the major commercial banks have a presence on Broad Street. At the top of Broad Street, there is the Royal Bank of Canada, RBTT (Republic Bank of Trinidad and Tobago) which was formerly Caribbean Commercial Bank, FirstCaribbean International Bank Ltd and Barbados National Bank Ltd. Towards the lower end; Bank of Nova Scotia and Butterfield Bank have their branches. All of these would be considered the main branches of these institutions, which may or may not be separate from their respective Head Office locations.


The landscape of Broad Street has changed over the years, from mostly privately owned department stores to more individual stores being sublet. The Cave Shepherd Department store maintains a presence near the top of Broad Street. Harrison's has a small outlet further down the street. There are also several malls, Norman Centre, Galleria Mall, Broad St Mall, DaCosta's Mall, which each house a variety of retail outlets selling clothing, jewellery, souvenirs, art and craft, shoes, cell phone sales and accessories and much more. Collins Ltd., which serves as a pharmacy and convenience store selling toiletries, personal care items and snacks also has pride of place on Broad Street. Major jewellery stores like Columbian Emeralds, Little Switzerland and Diamonds International also have a presence on Broad St.  One can purchase any conceivable item from simple to luxury, while in Barbados.


In terms of food options, there are fast food outlets like Chefette Ltd, which has two branches one at the top and one at the bottom of Broad St. Cave Shepherd also houses two: The Ideal Restaurant and the Balcony and Beer Garden Restaurants. Small food courts and snackettes can be found in many of the malls.




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