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Morgan Lewis Beach

Morgan Lewis Beach is situated on the north east coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Andrew, with Walkers Beach and Lakes Beach to the south, and Cove Bay, Corbins Bay and Laycock Bay to the north. Other places of interest in this part of Barbados are the nearby Morgan Lewis WindMill and, a little further inland to the west, St. Nicholas Abbey and the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.


Morgan Lewis Beach in Barbados is a wide expanse of white sandy beach, and an excellent hunting ground for ardent beachcombers. An especially good route yielding a wealth of discoveries is from Walkers Beach, through Lakes Beach and terminating at Morgan Lewis Beach.


The coastline along St. Andrew's coastline in Barbados is generally not considered suitable or safe for recreational swimming, with hazards posed by huge waves, exceedingly strong currents and undertow. However, many visitors to Morgan Lewis Beach in Barbados find it an ideal area for surfing, horseback riding, kite flying, or several other activities.


The natural beauty of Morgan Lewis Beach offers keen photographers wonderful photo opportunities. Morgan Lewis Beach in Barbados forms one of the boundaries of the Long Pond Conservation Area development, and is thus subject to ongoing projects aimed to promote the use of resources for economic and ecological functions (for more information, click here).


A description of Morgan Lewis Beach in Barbados would be incomplete without a brief mention of the nearby Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill, and visitors to Morgan Lewis Beach are encouraged to combine the two attractions whilst in this area.


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