All Souls Church

All Souls Anglican Church is located in a sleepy residential neighbourhood in  Bank Hall, St. Michael on the island of Barbados. The church features the clean simple lines of many of the Anglican churches located on the island. 


This centrally located church was the brainchild of the Dean Shankland of the St. Michael's Cathedral, who wanted to honour all those killed in the First World War (1914-1918), hence the name, All Souls. Additionally, the church was also to provide a place which could cater to the spiritual needs of the many people who were now drifting into area. The church was consecrated on 29th March, 1921.


Like many of the Anglican churches in Barbados, All Souls features stunning stained glass windows, one of which was donated by grateful parishioners, Mr. and Mrs. Hanschell in memory of their daughters.


All Souls was originally built to cater to some three hundred and fifty (350) people but due to rapid population growth in Barbados' metropolitan parish, it became necessary to construct mezzanine balconies. This was done in 1965 and effectively increased the church's capacity to a whopping six hundred (600) persons.


All Souls served as a chapel of the St. Michaels' Cathedral for about fifty  (50) years. In 1971 it became recognized as an independent ecclesiastical parish with the first confirmation was conducted by Bishop Drexel Gomez in 1973. Today All Souls Church is overseen by the Reverend Coleridge Darlington.


Due to the location, the densely populated residential area, the church's hall is located east of the church on Holigan Road. This building serves as a parish meeting hall, a day care center, recreation hall and it also accommodates many other social functions. By its very function this hall serves the very important purpose of brining the church and the community together.


All Souls Church continues to grow and expand to continue to provide excellent service to the people of the community and this is reflected in the continuous upgrading of the church's facilities like the car park, to ensure that adequate space is provided for the many active members of Barbados' society and visitors alike who choose to visit and worship at this beautiful church. 



 - 8:00 am (Every 1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th Sunday of the month)
 - 7:00 am & 9:15 am (Every 3rd Sunday, emphasis on Youth)
 - 12:00 - 1:00 pm (Reflections)

 -  6:30 pm (Mission Group)


Contact Information:

Telephone (office)  - 
(246) 427-6418




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