St. Jude's Church

St. Jude's Church is located in the sleepy little district of St. Jude's Village in the very heart of Barbados in the parish of St. George. This modest little church building is set back about two hundred yards from the road and is flanked on all four sides by a few majestic cabbage palms, standing like sentries around the church. The modest exterior of this country church belies the attention to detail present on the interior.  This church boasts a carved wooden ceiling which happens to be one of its best features.


St. Jude's Church was yet another of the Coleridge Chapels of Ease, built to accommodate the growing populations in the rural areas of the island of Barbados. St. Jude's was constructed on lands donated by the Hon. J. H. Nurse of the Ashbury Plantation and the Hon. J. H. Holder and it was consecrated on 2nd February, 1836 by Bishop William Hart Coleridge.


St. Jude's Church like many of the churches on the island of Barbados features quite a few Roman Gothic elements like the church's cruciform shape and the serene walkway lined on both sides with white coral stone columns. This rural Barbadian church has affixed to either side of the west door. The first tablet has the Ten Commandments inscribed on it, while the other tablet features the Apostle's creed and the Lord's Prayer. The beautifully carved ceiling mentioned before is yet another of the lovely features of this old country church and it dates back to 1839. St. Jude's Church, unlike many of the other churches on the island, did not sustain any serious damage during the 1831 Hurricane that devastated the island of Barbados.


This Barbadian church has been in existence for over one hundred and seventy years and continues to faithfully attend to the religious needs of the people of Barbados from the districts of Todds, Macaroni Village, Greens, Perogative, Fairview, Redland, Superlative, Newbury, Middleton, Cottage, Ashbury, Baird's Village, Harmony Cottage and Drax Hall. St. Jude's church is definitely worth exploring, the next time you journey to the landlocked parish of St. George on the lovely island of Barbados.



Sundays (1st, 2nd, 4th & 5th)  - 
9:15 am (Mass)
Sundays (3rd)  - 7:00 am (said Mass)
Sundays (3rd)  -

9:15 am (Sung Mass)


Contact Information

Telephone (Office)  -  (246) 429-0371
Residence  - (246) 433-2143
Rectory  -

(246) 433-6144




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