St. Catherine's Church

St. Catherine's Anglican Church is situated on the top of a small hill in the district of St. Catherine in the parish of St. Philip on the scenic island of Barbados. This quaint little church overlooks the graveyard which located at the foot of the hill. Incidentally, this hill represents the highest peak in this otherwise flat parish and this position alone places St. Catherine's Church in a prominent position in the parish; this church can be seen for miles in any direction.


St. Catherine's Church was the last of the chapels built in 1922 under Bishop William Hart Coleridge's building programme in Barbados and it is indeed a very good example of the historic architecture of the time. This church took the place of the Chapel, which bore the same name, which was constructed in 1841 at a cost of £250.00.  


For those of you interested in architecture, this church features a ridge belfry instead of the traditional bell tower which features prominently in some of the other churches on the island of Barbados. Additionally, the designer of this church also employed the use of the trefoil window instead of the traditional bullseye window seen in some of the other churches, like St. Anne's Church in St. Joseph or Holy Cross Church in St. John, St. Catherine's Church also features buttresses on the north and south walls and these extend to the eaves.


St. Catherine's Church in St. Philip Barbados is but one of the small churches which dot the island. These churches were ideally situated in areas where they were, and are, able to adequately cater to the needs of the faithful Anglican worshipers who reside in the more remote parts of the island. It was almost as if these edifices were positioned to stand like beacons, so that those among the population who were 'lost' could find their proverbial way home.


This island of Barbados, with its many religious denominations, though small, has ensured that all of the religious needs of the population are indeed serviced with the utmost attention to detail which is exemplified by the beautifully constructed churches established around this lovely island of Barbados.



Sundays - 8:00 am


Contact Information

Telephone  -  (246) 423-4125
Residence  - (246) 427-3169




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