Holy Innocents Church

Holy Innocents Chapel was constructed in 1838, during the second phase of the Coleridge building programme in Barbados which spanned the years 1834 and 1838. This Chapel of Ease located in the parish of St. Thomas on the island of Barbados was built at a cost of approximately one thousand, three hundred and thirty three pounds (£1333), Six hundred pounds (£600) of which was donated by Bishop Coleridge himself.


The cornerstone for this beautifully constructed chapel was laid by Archdeacon Thomas Parry on 19th August, 1838 and it was consecrated on Decemeber 28th, 1839. This Chapel's architectural features are more Georgian than Gothic, featuring large round windows and twin column porches.


This chapel was constructed to replace the previous chapel that destroyed by the great hurricane of 1780 that ravaged the island of Barbados. It was built on part of the Glebe Land in St. Thomas. This chapel once boasted elegant wooden columns that supported the galleries which showed off the exquisitely turned balusters in the rails. Sadly all evidence of the excellent Barbadian joinery on display in this chapel has long since disappeared. Extensive termite damage occasioned the stripping out of all or most of the old woodwork.


Holy Innocents chapel, nestled within the serene church grounds of St. Thomas, is just another example of the beautiful architecture that has come to be a feature of the charming churches sited on the scenic island of Barbados.



Sunday  -  7:00 am & 9:00 am (Except July and August)
Sunday  - 8:00 am (July and August only)
Thursday  - 9:00 am




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