St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's Church is situated in Parris Hill, St. Joseph on the serene island of Barbados. Originally, the land for the construction of the church was donated to the diocese by William Grogan with the stipulation that there was to be no cemetery on the land. It is speculated that Grogan's stipulation might have come about as a result of the Yellow Fever Epidemic that had affected the capital city of Bridgetown at the time. However, Grogan's fears must have been allayed somehow, since the first burial officially recorded at the St. Anne's cemetery took place in 1888. Today, there is a substantially well used cemetery which constitutes a major part of the churchyard.  


St. Ann's Church was built to cater to the needs of the many people who lived in the southern part of the parish and for whom journeying to the parish church proved to be quite an arduous undertaking, since their path was blocked by the gully known as 'The Devil's Bowling Alley'. The top of this treacherous landscape is marked by the well known signal station in the area, Cotton Tower, which stands some one thousand, nine hundred and one (1901) feet above the sea.  


This church was completed sometime between 1853 and 1855 and was quite similar in design to many of the chapels built during the tenure of Bishop Coleridge. St. Anne's however, also had some original features such as the elegant roof belfry and bullseye window. This little church in the middle of Barbados also sported a crenellated tower in the unusual position of the middle of the church's northern side. This tower was crowned with a small spire which added to this church’s unique appearance.


Today, that elegant spire is conspicuously missing since it had fallen into disrepair but this little gem of a church which occupies its original site at Parris Hill, St. Joseph still stands proudly heralding the rich history of the little island of Barbados.



Sundays  - 
9:30 am


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(246) 433-4166




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