St. Augustine's Church

Sitting at the top of Market Hill in the parish of St. George on the island of Barbados is the lovely St. Augustine's Anglican Church.  This beautiful edifice sits at the crest of Market Hill right beside the main road. This church is constructed on one acre of land which was originally a part of the Groves plantation and was donated by the Yard family who owned the plantation.


The church's construction was a slow and tedious process mainly due to a lack of funds but in 1863 the roof of the church was finally installed due in large part, to the efforts of the Rose Hill Plantation's owner, John Toppin. Mr. Toppin's dedication to this church was also echoed by his children who later donated the baptismal font to this community minded Barbadian Church.  


Another member of this St. George community also made significant donations to this church and among the donated items was the solid silver flagon chalice and paten to be used during the communion services. Other items donated to the church included a brass lectern, altar rails and standards for the choir desks. These items were all given to the church by the manager at Applewaithe's Plantation, a Mr. G. C. Edghill in memory of his son who died in World War I. The spirit of community surrounding this church in Barbados appears to be the one thing that has kept this church vibrant for so long.


The church was then considered complete when it managed to acquire a bell from the Drax Hall plantation in the same parish with funds that were raised from a church Bazaar.


St. Augustine's attractive appearance results from the successful blending of two building styles; mid-Victorian and the modern influences of the time. The beautiful and imposing tower situated at the front of the church beckons visitors and locals alike to enter and explore this nineteenth century architectural wonder located right here in beautiful Barbados.



Sunday  - 
8:00 am


Contact Information

Telephone (Office)  -  (246) 437-5659
Rectory  - (246) 437-9826




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