Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church located in the eastern parish of St. Philip on the island of Barbados and is one of the many chapels of ease that we constructed in 1829 to ensure that the growing number of worshipers were able to have easy access to a place of worship. The Holy Trinity Chapel was therefore built to make it easier for the many worshipers in the parish who would have previously had to travel to the St. Philip's Parish Church located in Church Village in the same parish to worship. The Holy Trinity Chapel was then consecrated on November 25th, 1830.


Like many of the churches in Barbados during the 19th century, Holy Trinity was destroyed by the great hurricane of 1831. When the church was rebuilt in 1832, with funds made available by the Lord Bishop of Barbados, the Right Reverend Thomas Parry, the new structure was built in the shape of a cross.


As with many of the Anglican churches found on the island at the time, Holy Trinity had to make physical adjustments to the church building to accommodate the growing congregation. As such, in 1844, the gallery in the west end of the church was constructed with the belfry being completed in 1884. Additionally, the ornate interior of the church was not left out and in 1905, a new organ chamber was added and the beautifully craved Baptismal Font was donated to the church by a Miss F. Burton. This eye catching feature was actually carved of local coral stone mined right here in Barbados and features delicate winged angels.


This beautiful old church continues to make refurbishments to ensure that it can adequately cater to its growing and devout congregation. Holy Trinity Church caters mainly to the people living in the Ruby, St. Philip environs.



1st Sundays  - 
8:00 am (Family Eucharist with Holy Baptism)
2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays  -
7:00 am (Said Eucharist and Sermon)

 - 8:45 am (Sung Eucharist and Sermon)

8:45 am (Christian Education for 3-16 year olds)
5th Sundays  -
8:00 am (Holy Eucharist and Sermon)
Wednesdays  -
7:30 am (Said Eucharist and Reflections)


Contact Information

Telephone (office)  - 
(246) 423-8480
Rectory  -
(246) 423- 6371


Office Hours

Saturdays  - 
10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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